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  • 7mm Autotrain

    Alan Brackenborough

    Issue 237 (2015)



    Ace model painter Alan Brackenborough gives us his take on modelling the GWR's much-loved autotrains in 7mm scale.

    Tags: auto-coaches / auto-trailers, GWR / Great Western Railway, kits

  • Finescale in the Garden

    Alan Brackenborough

    Issue 176 (2007)



    Painter supreme Alan Brackenborough takes us on a tour of his 7mm scale garden railway - a masteriece of balance and proportion, an object lesson in awareness of the possibilities of space. Like everything Brack does, it's beautifully conceived and executed, the perfect showcase for his ever-growing collection of exquisite hand-built models.

    Tags: garden railways, layouts

  • GWR 'Toplight' in 7mm scale.

    Alan Brackenborough

    Issue 173 (2007)



    Alan Brackenborough builds a mixed-media kit from Just Like the Real Thing.

    Tags: coaches, GWR / Great Western Railway

  • Maunsell's Main-Line Stock

    Alan Brackenborough

    Issue 169 (2006)



    Alan Brackenborough models these fine coaches in 7mm scale.

    Tags: coaches, SR / Southern Railway

  • Painting - by an old master

    Barry Norman, Alan Brackenborough

    Issue 76 (1995)


    In an age when finescale modelling is becoming increasingly new-fangled, Alan Brakenborough is an anomaly, rigidly sticking with the simplest tools and materials to produce what many regard as the best finishing to be found anywhere in the world. When MRJ asked Alan to explain his methods, Barry Norman accepted the photographic assignment with both hands and set off in the snow to meet someone whose work he had admired for many years. It was better - but very different - than expected, and we couldn't resist asking Barry to briefly recall that remarkable day.

    Introduction by Barry Norman. Then Alan explains his methods.

    Tags: paints / painting, techniques